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Tempering Furnace Series for Flat Glass
Tempering Furnace Series for Flat/Bend Glass
Glass Washing Machine Series
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Orthogonal Bending Tempering Furnace
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QX-BTV Bending Tempering Furnace
Glass Washing Machine Series

I. Usage
      The machines of this series are specially used for cleaning the surface of flat glass, curving glass and Low-E glass. The blot, oil stain and mildew etc. on the surface can be removed effectively.

II. Types
      This machine series could be divided to 2 types:
      1. Ordinary washing machine used for cleaning flat glass, curving glass and Low-E glass.
      2. Vertical washing machine for cleaning flat glass.

III. Features
      1. The steady and reliable main drive is applied steepless speed adjusting;
      2. The cleaning height is adjustable for 1.5~19mm glass;
      3. The rubber rollers are with good linearityúČflatness and long working lifespan;
      4. The cleaning water can be circulated;
      5. We can design washing machines with special requirement for customers.


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