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Nowadays, glass has been indispensable for people`s daily life. It has not only a lot of usage, such as used for home appliances, automobiles, decoration, etc, but also gradually becomes a very important method for people to beautify their living environment. Consequently, the importance about the glass further processed machines is all-time obvious. 
Hangzhou Glass Technology (the primitive name is Hangzhu Qunxing Glass Machinery Factory) is located in Hangzhou, which is a modernized city with beautiful landscape and convenient traffic. Our company has beeing devoted to the research, development, manufacture and sale of the glass further processed machines all the time, and has already grown into a professional manufacturer with certain scale and the production capacity of manufacturing glass further processed machines now. Our company has experienced technicians, who grasp the professional advanced technology of this field in Taiwan. Rely on this and many years` manufacture experience, we have already offered the high-quality machines and satisfactory service for vast glass processing producer .
Our products include Horizontal Tempering Furnace Series, Bending Tempering Furnace Series, Basin Tempering Furnace, Orthogonal Tempering Furnace, etc. The feature is superior performance, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low investment, reliable function, and reasonable price. Our products have been sold not only at home, but also the abroad, such as The U.S.A, India, Singapore, etc, and received high praise from them.
At the same time, we have tried to enter the glass further process field, personally tasted the heartfelt wishes in the field. It has strengthened our understanding to customers demand, and let us much closer to users. It also helps us produce the perfect products with more rational design to meet the customers` requirement in many aspects.
From many years on, `Existing by Quality, Developing by Science` is the direction we striving for and `Pursuing Quality, Cherishing Practicality, Ceaseless Innovation, Keeping Improving` is the aim we working for. On the basis of steady existing products, we researched and developed new products suitable for different customers` different requirements. It is the perpetual service aim that `Let you obtain the largest economic benefit`. We will continually cooperate with domestic and international, old and new customers sincerely, will promote communication, make greater contribution for the glass further processed machines of our country moving towards the world, and compose the new page of the field together.


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