Continuous Furnaces and Solar Curing Line


  • Extreme high production volume
  • Running for 24/7
  • Temper or anneal glass with excellent quality
  • High heat-resistance insulation materials save 25% energy
  • Intelligent heating control algorithms
  • New air convection technology
  • Steady movement and variable speed for glass
  • Optimized quenching and cooling process design to reduce most defects
  • Customized design to reach the highest performance
  • QX-smart digital control system

Product Description

The continuous furnaces are used for tempering glass with extremely high production volume, and the solar product line is used for film curing of amorphous silicon coated solar-energy glass and other types of solar panel glass.
This production line is mainly composed of heating section and cooling section. Inside the furnace, there are evenly installed ceramic rollers which are with high quality of linearity, roundness and heat distortion. This ensures the glass well-leveled and without distortion when it keeps moving forward during heating process. The roller drive power is provided by the inverter-controlled motors with feedback speed control to make sure the glass moving speed is consistent and steady. It eliminates the off-tracking and collision for glass, ensures the surface and shape quality of glass.
The construct specialty of this machine is: have extreme high production capacity, can highly improve glass quality. All the products meet the standards of GB/T9656-1998, GB/T9963-1998 and tempering standard of JIS R 3206. Our machines have Safety-first multi-protection systems, and is user-friendly. The characteristic is high production capacity and efficiency, excellent quality, and low energy consumption.

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