Drilling Machine


  • Auto-Drilling and Semi-Auto Drilling
  • Steady drilling, low noise
  • High-quality holes, reduce most defects
  • Highly-leveled working platform
  • Customized design to reach the highest performance
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Long-term drilling bits & tools supply and support

Product Description

Drilling is alternatively done by upper and reverse drills, feeding is automatically operated. Operation platform can be pneumatically elevated, which fulfills higher processing efficiency. Highly leveled working platform can significantly reduce the glass breakage rate, provide higher performance and drilling quality. Long lifetime drilling bits and tools are supplied.

Drilling holes diameterɸ 4-200mm
Processing thickness3-25mm
Total power2.45kw
Maximum size of glass 2600*1800mm
Outline size750*2100*1700mm

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