EVA Laminating Machine


  • Laminate glass with excellent quality
  • Increase the production speed by 20% more than normal
  • For both flat and curved glass
  • Suitable for a great diversity of laminate materials
  • No bubbles
  • High insulated heating chamber
  • Maximum temperature uniformity with temperature control within ±1˚C
  • Digital temperature control on multiple independent zones
  • Vacuum system with high efficiency
  • Silicon membranes with quick cylinder locking system
  • Customized design to reach the highest performance
  • Configurable QX control system

Product Description

This machine is adopting vacuum principle. The glass will be placed in the vacuum bag to be processed, the air in the bag will be excluded, press the glass by atmospheric pressure to make sure not bring any air bubble between the glasses during the film laminating period, and melt the film under high temperature to make the laminating material, such as spun silk, paper, printing paper, cloth, spray painting fabric, and so on, conglutinate with the glass hard to form as a whole to reach the purpose of explosion-proof, safety and decoration.
Our laminating machine has two types:

  1. For flat glass only
  2. For both flat and curved glass

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