Glass Washing Machine Series for Bent Glass


  • Wash bent glass with excellent quality
  • New technology to adjust machine arc radius
  • Driven wheels, water tubes and air knives are all adjustable
  • PVC materials protect tubes from rust
  • Energy saving and high efficiency
  • Optimized washing process design reduces most defects
  • Simple and reliable arc adjusting system
  • Circulated and recycle cleaning water system
  • Common and special applications meets customers’ requirements
  • The First in China

Product Description

The washing machines series are specially used for cleaning the surface of tempered bent glass and other types of bent glass. It makes washing tempered bent glass to become reality!

The arc adjusting device applies linkage structure, driven by only one main reducer, which makes the radian adjustment simple and reliable. The installed frame bolts make the machine leveling easier, and the universal wheels make moving the machine convenient. The washing section includes multiple pairs of soft axis brushes, the water spray tubes are well-protected from getting rusty. The driven wheels, water tubes and air knives are all adjustable for washing bent glass with different arc radius. Our bent glass washing machine is the first in China, patented and made by us only.

Glass Thickness(mm)Arc Adjustable RangeGlass Max. Width(mm)Glass Min. Size(mm)Conveying Speed(m/min)Total Power(kw)
2--19R400 - ∞2500150*1804-1010-30

Above is only part of our machine models. Contact us for all other machine sizes and specifications

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