Orthogonal Bending Tempering Furnace


  •  For tempering L\U\Z shape glass and other orthogonal glass
  •  Customized design reaches highest performance
  •  Various selections of mould
  •  Common and special applications
  •  Bent and tempered to the desired shape at one time
  •  Highly-automation control system

Product Description

The machine is specialized in processing tempering glass of L\U\Z type, such as teapot glass and fish jar glass. The flat glass can be heated, bent and tempered to the desired shape at one time. The feature is high quality, high successful rate of finished products and low self-explode rate.

This machine has high-level automation. There are many specifications for customs to choose, such as single-heating single-quenching mould, double-heating single-quenching mould, single-heating double-quenching mould, etc.

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