QX-BTV Bending Tempering Furnace


  •  Tempering single curved and multiple curved glass
  •  Bent and tempered to the desired shape at one time
  •  High production-efficiency control system
  •  Low investment
  •  Low energy consumption
  •  Customized design reaches highest performance

Product Description

This machine can produce single curved surface and multiple curved surfaces tempering glass. It`s mainly used for producing domestic appliance glass, luminaire glass, decorated glass, etc.

It is composed of Loading Section, Heating Section, Quenching Section and Unloading Section. The heating section has four rooms, and in each there is a trolley. Glass on the trolley is heated in every heating room in turn from low temperature to high temperature. Inside the furnace, the heating control method is: intelligent module plus PLC. After tempered, glass is taken from unloading section, and the trolley goes back to the loading section, waiting for the next glass loading. It can achieve high production efficiency by this circle production. The quenching section is composed of high-pressure blower, blades and drive system. The air-pressure and the position of blades are adjustable.

Glass thickness: 4-12mm
Glass size:        500mm*600mm
Glass arc size:  R300-900 4mm
                                    R300-1000 5mm
                                    R300-1200 above 6mm
Max. arc depth:    120mm
Total power:     160KW
Including: Heating rated power   100KW
                            Blower rated power     55KW
                          Others 5KW

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