Rotating Heat-Bending Furnace

Features :

  •  For automobile glass, rearview mirrors, appliance glass and decoration glass etc.
  •  Optimized heating process design reduces most defects
  •  Multiple and flexible divided hearths
  •  Common and special applications
  •  Configurable control system
  •  Cost-effective and more energy-saving
  •  Rotating process saves much space

Product Description

This machine is used for producing automobile glass and rearview mirrors, also can be used for producing domestic appliance small glass and decorative glass. The feature is high production efficiency, easy operation, low investment and low energy consumption.

Glass Thickness(mm)Glass Max. Size(mm)Glass Max. Arc Depth(mm)Rated Power(kw) 

Above list is only part of the machine models. Contact us for all machine sizes and specifications.

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