Vertical Tempering Furnace


  •  Temper glass in the vertical direction
  •  Save 60% machine space
  •  High heat-resistance insulation materials save 25% more energy
  •  Intelligent heating control algorithms
  •  New air convection technology
  •  No flaw on the glass surface
  •  Flexible heating chamber design, single, double or multi-chamber configuration
  •  QX-smart digital control system

Product Description

This machine (Vertical & Hanging Tempering Furnace) is used for tempering glass vertically. It is mainly composed of heating zone, quenching zone, annular transport orbit and electrical & computer control system.

Processing glass thickness: 3-25mm

Total power: 90-160kw

All the products meet the standards of GB/T9656-1998, GB/T9963-1998 and tempering standard of JIS R 3206. Our machines have Safety-first multi-protection systems, and is user-friendly. The characteristic is high production efficiency, excellent quality, and low energy consumption.

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