Technical Support

Customers’ demands and satisfaction are the most important things to us.

Technical Support

  • 7 days a week
  • Technical support in both USA and China
  • Satisfy the most common and urgent needs

Not only do we provide customer service 7 days a week, but our office in the U.S. allows us to provide nationwide and statewide technical support directly in the U.S. Our people can reach your plant much faster, and handle onsite technical support.

Spare Parts

  • Compatible with domestic parts
  • Easy to find parts locally

Since we provide customized products to our customers, it is easy to choose US parts for the machine based on your needs. Because we understand that it is important to get maintenance done fast, we built our machines to be compatible with domestic parts for future maintenance.

Machine Upgrade & Remodeling

  • Tempering heating section upgrade
  • Add tempering bending section
  • Add more functions
  • Remodeled machinery with warranty

The technology is changing so fast nowadays that it is important to make your machine more efficient, more productive and more reliable, to be compatible with today’s industry demand.

Machine Relocation

  • Guarantee no problem after relocating Xinglass only
  • Machine testing and whole calibration
  • Get machine back into production in shortest time

We will make sure the machine quality and the products quality won’t be affected, and the furnace can run without any problem in the shortest time.

Machine Training

  • Advanced operation training
  • Training videos and manuals
  • Troubleshooting training

Learning more advanced machine operation and having better understanding of the machine can help you significantly improve your machine production efficiency and speed.

Machine Inspection

  • Free machine inspection
  • Free Inspection report

Only Xinglass provide Free machine inspection to our customers. We help you identify your machine’s condition, and provide you with best maintenance suggestions that is for your machine only.

Since our development into U.S. markets, we have only received positive reviews and have cultivated an outstanding reputation among our customers.

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