Xinglass launches new tempering furnace product
The release date:2021-06-05

New QX-GTH series glass tempering furnace adds more comprehensive, more advanced and efficient automation functions, which can greatly reduce production costs and labor costs. The machine is suitable for tempering all kinds of glass types, including transparent glass, patterned glass, sandblasted glass, coated glass, printed glass, colored glass, online Low-E coated glass, offline Low-E coated glass, etc. The tempered glass exceeds the industry standards ANSI Z97.1, EN 12150-1:2000, GB15763.2-2005, JIS R 3206, etc.


In order to meet the user's demand for more reliable and flexible control of the heating process of the tempered furnace, the new QX-GTH series control system integrates a new intelligent heating control algorithm, which ensures the uniform distribution of heat in the furnace, and improves the temperature control accuracy by 10%. The new QX-GTH series glass tempering furnace adopts higher performance imported heat-resistant insulation material, which improves the heating performance and the quality of tempered glass. In addition, the new air convection technology of the tempering furnace in Xinglass improves the uniform temperature distribution under different glass loading rates.


The new QX-GTH series glass tempering furnace quenching cooling technology also has great innovation. A new design uses the inertia of the blower impeller to cool the glass. The technology can cool the glass in various ways, minimizing the energy waste caused by the high-speed wheel rotation of the blower impeller. The tempering furnace adopts this new technology, which not only ensures the tempering quality, but also achieves the purpose of energy saving and electricity saving, compared with the traditional tempering furnace greatly saves electricity. The technology was immediately favored by glass processors and manufacturers.