Quality and reliability are the foundation ——Tempering 2mm glass using an 11 year old furnace
The release date:2021-06-13

Recently, Xinglass technicians upgraded an old tempering furnace that has been used for more than 11 years for a customer in Luoyang, Henan, and successfully produced high-quality 2.0mm tempered glass.

The furnace model in Luoyang, Henan is QX-GTH1225 with a size of 1.2x2.5 meters. The equipment has been in continuous use for more than 11 years. So far, customers are still very satisfied with the equipment, because the quality, function, and reliability of the equipment are still very good.

Recently, due to new market demands, customers needed to temper 2mm glass. This 2mm glass is mainly used in furniture, electrical appliances, cabinets, and other products. After a week of upgrading and testing tempering furnace by professional technicians from Xinglass, the tempering furnace successfully produced 2mm tempered glass. The flatness and granularity of tempered glass far exceeds industry standards.

The production of thinner glass usually requires more complex process machines, and the technical difficulty will be higher. The glass tempering furnace from Xinglass successfully met these requirements and tempered the demanding 2mm glass. The high-quality ultra-thin glass reflects the high technical level of Xinglass engineers and the quality of Xinglass tempering furnaces, and the results satisfy customers. Customer feedback: "Now we can use this furnace to produce more thin glass, and our company is more competitive in the market."